About Me

About Me


I am proud to be from Sherwood Park and am proud to have made my home in Ward One. I grew up right in this community and I know it well. 

After University, I worked with the Royal Bank for almost a decade and learned the value of a dollar and the importance of setting a budget and living within your means. 

With the bank, I worked with both young and old, both rich and poor and what struck me is that people generally want the same things. 

They want happiness, security and prosperity. I believe the role of government is to offer people an equal opportunity to achieve that, while being treated with respect. All this must be done while responsible with the public purse. 

I believe that a dollar saved is a dollar earned.

I've worked with small businesses in assisting them build their footprint and assist them to have the cashflow to add new employees. I believe that a job that makes you happy and allows you to provide for your family is more important than any government program.

I believe in people. I believe that people want the best for their community. I believe in listening to what my neighbours want. 

I believe people want their representatives to be their voice to government, rather than the voice of government to them. 

I believe in effective communications. I believe that people deserve representation that not only listens to them, but also engages with them on their turf. Whether that place is at the coffee shop, the ice rink, or the doorstep. Your representatives can't just wait for people to walk in the front door, they need to go to you. 

I grew up in Mills Haven. I graduated from Salisbury Composite High School. I went to University at the University of Alberta and Simon Fraser University in BC. 

I am proud to have my roots in Ward One in Sherwood Park and I look forward to earning your trust and hopefully your vote in the coming months.

My Vision


Ward One is our home and I am committed to continue building a diverse, vibrant community. I want to  ensure Strathcona County is once again one of the best places to work, live and play in all of Canada.

Woodbridge Farms, Village on the Lake, Mills Haven, Broadmoor Estates, the Palisades, and the Centre in the Park are some of the neighbourhoods in Ward One and they are our strength and need to be supported.

As your Councillor, I will:

  1. Advocate for more efficient and responsive government by treating your tax dollars with respect.
  2. Advocate for streamlining the permit process with a focus on improving outcomes, service and timeliness.
  3. Advocate for improved transportation and infrastructure planning that will allow residents to better move around the County.
  4. Advocate for community-building improvements that will engage you in your neighbourhood.

I will do this by...

  1. Advocating to continue priority-based business planning and budgeting.
  2. Taking action on customer focussed initiatives that put the onus on the County to improve their service standards.
  3. Bringing new ideas for best transportation practices to improve results, efficiency and overall service.
  4. Being your voice to government, rather than the voice of government to you.  

Leading up to election day on October 16th, I want to listen to you, but also to advocate for these and other key items that are important to you. If you would like to grab a coffee or have a chat, please call me at 780-938-2713 or contact me through social media, this page or via email.

Campaign Launch - Speech



I am going to talk a bit about Strathcona County, and what I have heard is most important in Ward One.    

I believe that Strathcona County is a special place. Not only because we are listed as a specialized municipality with the province, but because we truly are a special place.    

We are urban and we are rural. We are industrial and we are commercial. We are home to truck-drivers and dog-walkers. We have young families and extended families and retired families. In reality, Sherwood Park is home to families. 

We also have great facilities like Millennium Place right here in Ward One thanks to the hard work of people like Iris Evans and Vern Hartwell and Cathy Olesen who got Millenium Place built despite some folks disagreeing with the vision. Heck, I’m sure some of those folks would sure like to re-write history to get on the right side of that decision now.    

I grew up right here in Ward One on Main Terrace in Mills Haven. I went to school right here in Sherwood Park and graduated from High School right here in Ward One at Sal Comp. After University, I worked with the Royal Bank for almost a decade all around Alberta, but I always wanted to come back home. I am proud to have made my home back here in Ward One in Sherwood Park.   

Now, I have been to many doors since I announced my intent to run back in early June, and I have listened to my neighbours. We need leadership that has vision.  We need leadership that makes informed decisions that best reflects our interests.  I have heard loud and clear that we need some fresh ideas for Ward One.   

There are four important things I want to talk about today. I’ll be brief as I know many of you want to mingle. I’ll be available to answer questions once I’m done.

First, I want to bring a commitment to more efficient and responsive government. I promise to support the Priority Based Budgeting Process that has been started in the County. With significant changes coming down the pike from the Province with a new Municipal Government’s Act, it’s more important than ever that we are prepared to make the tough decisions that will protect services in Strathcona County, but also respect tax dollars coming in. We must be responsible with the public purse. I truly believe that a dollar saved is a dollar earned.   

Second, I want to streamline the permit process with a focus on improving outcomes, timelines and most importantly service. I’ve heard too many stories about people getting confused by the process and not knowing where to turn for help. This is unacceptable.  Strathcona County’s vision is to be Canada’s Most Livable Community. That means, Strathcona County must be a place that represents opportunity. As your councillor, I will challenge administration to do better. That would mean having an actual person on the other end of the phone line to assist you in filling out forms properly if you need and it means focussing on outcomes and improving processes. We must take action on customer focussed initiatives and improve our level of service.   

Third, I want to advocate for improved transportation and infrastructure planning, that will allow us to better move around the County. I want all of our parents to be able to live in their home as long as they want to. Part of that will mean making it easier for them to be able to move around to their appointments, shopping, visiting and just plain living. Now that doesn’t mean I’m ok with seeing empty busses drive around in circles all day. That means we need have fresh ideas that leverage the best practices from all around the world, to ensure we improve results, service and efficiency.

Fourth, I want to advocate for initiatives that will help get you involved in your community. One of the reasons I wanted to hold my launch party here at the Sherwood Park Bowling Alley is because I was lucky enough to have been put in a bowling league by my parents when I was a little kid. We need more places like this that get people off of their smart phones, where they can meet their neighbours. I was struck at many doors how people don’t know their neighbours. Sherwood Park’s Ward One can’t be a place where everyone has a nice fence, but nobody knows the person on the other side of it. 

Now today is about building excitement. I’m hoping that every one of you has signed in today to get updates from the campaign. I’m also hoping many of you have signed up to donate and/or volunteer on the campaign. If you haven’t done so yet, there are forms at the front door and I’m sure we will be more than happy to help you get set up.

Now as I wrap up, I want to talk just a bit about what I believe.        

I believe we want our representatives to by your voice to government and not the voice of government to you. I believe we all want the best for our community, but I believe  Ward One needs new leadership.  

Ward One needs fresh ideas.  Ward One needs a vision that will inspire us to improve on our already vibrant community. As I said earlier, my roots are right here in Sherwood Park’s Ward One. I want to thank each and every one of you for giving up your time on a beautiful Saturday afternoon to chat with friends and listen to me speak. I look forward to earning your trust and your vote on October 16th.